Baan Phak Phing (Thai for: House of Refuge) consists of four houses with groups of Thai girls with ages ranging from 6 to 18 years. At first sight there is nothing different about these girls. They play, laugh, and fight, just like any other girls in that age group. It is in fact a miracle that they can live like this, in happiness. Because these girls have all been sexually abused or been sold in the child prostitution industry at a very young age.

Many of them don’t know what it is like to live in a safe and healthy family environment. Many of these girls have been abused by people from their direct surroundings. Often the same people who were responsible for their “safe” environment. Some of the girls were sold into the sex industry by their families.

Baan Phak Phing offers these girls a warm and safe home. A true home, that is as much as possible a normal and safe family environment. With love and counseling the girls are nurtured towards emotional wholeness. By enabling them to have an education it is our vision to prepare the girls for the time when they can take their own place in society and, as far as it is possible, return them to their own living environment. In the past twenty years we have given many girls a chance to start over. But many still need love, structure, and care.
This website gives you an overview of our work in Thailand.